Last time I checked, I have lived in this world of ours for 8315 days. Don’t you think it’s insane? I have lived for 11974000 minutes in a very unique way. Different circumstances, different actions, reactions and responses, different thought processes, different people, different objects, successes(not many), failures(a lot!) and different learnings. In the end, a unique perspective towards life. Something very different from everybody else.

Lot many Lessons. Lot many Takeaways.

And this blog is just about that. An attempt to my perspective from all these uniqueness and present to you as Takeaways From My Life. I’m a huge fan of the blogs of Seth Godin, Derek Sivers and Ankur Warikoo. I love the way they keep it simple and I intend to do the same.

So hit that follow button(with the cursor!) and stay tuned. More interesting stuff coming up 🙂