An Introduction

Last time I checked, I have lived in this world of ours for 7947 days. Don’t you think it’s insane? I have lived 11443680 minutes in a very unique way. Different circumstances, different actions, reactions and responses, different thought processes, different people, different objects, successes(not many), failures(a lot!) and different learnings. In the end, a unique perspective towards life. Something very different from everybody else.

Lot many Lessons. Lot many Takeaways.

And this blog is just about that. An attempt to my perspective from all these uniqueness and present to you as Takeaways From My Life.

The format of this Blog is very simple. I have segregated them into three main categories.


You’ll find me interviewing the people I admired and get inspiration from. This has been heavily inspired from The Tim Ferriss Show. I coined this combining a ‘Blog’ and a ‘Podcast’.

Throwback Thursdays

I actively engage in many social activities and events. Right from Running Marathons and Cycling Brevets and Trekking to Public Speaking, mindfulness sessions and technical meetups. And here, you’ll find me ponder over the them and share a lesson or two after careful introspection.

Weekly Newsletters

A lot can happen in a day and a week. Be it going to meetups or listening to podcasts or reading books/articles. Here, I’ll be sharing all the interesting and inspiring stuff that has happened to me over the week. Don’t miss this space as I’ll be sharing interesting pieces which will stir your soul and stimulate your mind on a weekly basis.

The time and effort I am putting into this blog is not as a means to a monetary end. I strongly believe that human potential is limitless and this is an attempt to make you stop and think for a minute or two and reflect.

I have only one request for you(a couple of them actually). Please do share any article from here you like, with your friends and family and reach out to me through comments or social media to give any kind of inputs. These are the fuel that keeps me going. That someone, somewhere has had a positive impact through me.

So hit that follow button(with the cursor!) and stay tuned. More interesting stuff coming up 🙂