Blog Cast with Chaitanya Pinapaka

Ambitious and Amiable.
Tall and Talented.
Handsome and Humble.
Diligent and Determined.
All packaged into one.
That’s Chaitanya for you in 5 sentences.
Today we’ll have a conversation ranging from his interests and favorites to IoT, Apps and Higher Education.

Hey Chaitanya, good to have you today. Tell us a little about yourself


Well, first of all it’s a great privilege talking with you Gautham.

Is he being sarcastic? *Wonders*

About Me:           

I’m a very passionate individual and very interested in learning new things in any field, especially Computers and that passion towards learning new things drives me to work hard and also helps me remain calm and patient whenever things take a difficult course.

Tough going.jpg


My family has always given me their love and support and that confidence in me has given the room to think and drive with passion towards pursuing my interests. My father is my first big inspiration. I look up to him for his hard-working nature and his deftness in handling every situation. I learnt the crucial art of how to speak and behave with others from my mother and have always admired her for her patience.  And last but not the least my sister, who has always been encouraging and supportive. I admire her boldness and adaptiveness.



I Love travelling to new places
Reading Current articles (especially Science, Technology and Celebrity articles)
Driving Motorbikes and cars.


Also tell us some of your favorites


Band: I don’t follow one particular band. I listen to all types of music.

Actor/Actress: None

Food: Dosa and few Indian recipes.

Location: I can’t list all but I love places where nature dominates the human constructions.


(Ahhhh!! A nature lover)


TV Shows: No show in particular but I prefer comedy and science shows.

YouTube Channels: All Technology Review Channels like LinuxTechTips, MKBHD, Technical Guruji and Channels like ColdFusion and Alux etc.


My Favorites: Cars, Bikes, Technology, Travelling.
Favorite Car: Bentley Continental


Favorite Bike: Suzuki GSX R1000


Favorite Technology: AI




You are a huge technology lover. If you had to recommend only 5 resources out there on the internet for people to learn more about tech, what would they be?


Well, I would recommend you to follow Stack Overflow, GitHub, Quora and YouTube Channels are for computer and technical sources

And for other streams GOOGLE is your friend. Quora, YouTube, blogs and forums also help you out. There is no shortage of information out there. You just have to find out which resource suits your requirement and taste.

For Official Theory of any topic or query I would recommend everyone to visit the Official Website of that particular topic or technology. They have a clear and better explanation. Trust me on this!


You had an interest in Internet of Things and had worked extensively with Arduino. Take us through your journey with it. And also suggest to newbies on how to move into the IoT world


Yeah, I`m very much interested in IOT Technology and looking forward to do as many projects as possible in them. The only reason which piqued my interest towards IOT and keeps pushing me is “Things will act or interact with world as you program “. You have complete control over what your device can do and there are endless possibilities. All that’s required is a curious mind.

Though I had keen interest in operating electronics I didn’t know how to program them until I participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2016. In that, our idea was to integrate RFID Reader Module, Arduino Uno and GSM 900 Module into an IOT project.
I started finding solutions on how to integrate these modules together on the internet and luckily, I came across some examples on how to integrate RFID with Arduino Uno but there is no correct resource or examples for integrating GSM HTTP REQUESTS from ARDUINO UNO. I struggled for more than a week by looking around forums and blogs and also started emailing techies.
Finally, I found the solution and the project getting executed was a great success to me though it didn’t make it to the National finals. Since it is my first project i’ll always cherish this.

My advice to newbies is only one thing- “IOT is the Future”
Start with small integration involving Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any Microprocessor in the market. Consistency and Persistence is the key and as a result you can do wonders with IOT projects implementing all your ideas.


You are also working on Android applications as of now. Would you like to share with us on how you started with Android, the ups and downs and also a little about Gifteria.


Yeah, basically I like mobility technologies like IOT and Mobile Applications Development.

I went to an institute in Hyderabad for Android App Development course for a period of 3 months. In those 3 months, I practiced developing an app every day and I used to develop and work on one app for 2-3 days. That’s how I learned Android App Development and I did almost 15 apps till now.

When it comes to Gifteria Mobile Application, Gifteria is my friend’s startup which allows customers to order personalized gifts and send to their friends or relatives. And I developed the application single-handedly i.e the entire e-commerce application including database scripts and payment gateway integration and it took me around 30-45 days of time to complete. Though it’s been burdensome doing it alone I loved the process and the grind.


(Damn!!! They even got a fidget spinner on the store)

You are going to pursue your higher education in U.S.A.
I have a couple of questions for you:
1) Why Higher Education right after Btech and not after working for two years.
2) Why USA and no other countries
3) Will it affect if people choose Spring over fall
4) How to improve chances of getting into a good university


Why higher education right after Btech? Why not after working for 2 or more years?

Honestly speaking, I would recommend higher education right after under-graduation for those who did at least 2-3 projects and some internships in their course. That way, they would make a more informed decision regarding which course or university to choose and also their profile is strong enough to land them into a great university.
In other scenario, you can pursue Masters after working for 2 or more years here in India. I feel experience in a particular technology is essential and makes people learn at a faster pace compared to starting new.


Why USA? Why not other Countries?

My passion and interest are closely associated with United States.


Will it affect if people choose Spring program over Fall program?

No, I think there is no difference choosing Spring over Fall but usually most students apply for Fall so competition will be high when compared to Spring
But you should also consider the fact that spring programs have lesser number of seats compared to fall.


(Phewww!! That was a relief. I was considering going in Spring)


How to improve chances of getting into a good university?

Primarily, one should have a good GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score.
Strong Statement of Purpose.
3-4 Strong Letter of Recommendations.
Good number of projects.
Preferably some work experience in the form of internships..
Good under-graduation CGPA and last but not the least extra-curricular activities.
For all these things to happen, a student should have a clear-cut plan right from the start of their undergraduate course. Nevertheless, you can still make it to a good university if you hustle in your remaining time.


4 things you are very much looking forward to in USA


Science & Technology

Practical Education




We would be very glad if you could share with us any strategies and tips for GRE.


One crucial tip I can give about GRE Verbal is the one should understand and focus on the contextual meaning of the question asked, rather than learning huge amount of vocabulary. GRE is a combination of both contextual understanding and vocabulary.

In GRE Math, read the question twice or thrice to understand the twist in the question. They can be easily overlooked and results in loss of marks.

What is your primary goal as of now? Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years from now?


As of now, I aim to get a good GRE and TOEFL score and then getting admission in a  good university.
In 5 years, I should be in good software developer job role and in 10 years down the line I should have completed my MBA and start to move towards company management side and in 20 years down the line I should see myself in gold collar job.
( I hope I get to interview you once again 20 years later)

In retrospect, if you had to start over again from the 1st year of Btech what would you do differently?


I would plan to learn more programming languages and computer concepts and also I would have traveled around India in my semester holidays.


Your dad has is running a very successful software company. Share with us 3 things which you learned from him and his entrepreneurial journey.


Definitely! I learnt so many things in my dad’s entrepreneurial life

  • An Entrepreneur should concentrate more on product(s) or service(s) than profits for first 5-7 years. Creation of value should come before production of money.
  • Every Entrepreneur should have situational patience and hardworking mindset. Running a company is never easy.
  • One should analyze the market to start their idea.
    How different is their idea from existing products and how effectively can one reach their customers. You might have the perfect product but without customers, it means nothing.Dad.jpg


Other than family members, who has inspired you the most and in what way?


Well, I have a big list of great personalities who inspired me. I also had the thought of writing a book “Who Piqued My Interest Towards Computer Science”.

Some people I deeply admire-

Satya Nadella: Hardworking and Hope.

Sundar Pichai: Intelligence and Smart work.

Jack Ma: Hope and Confidence.

And many many more…….


You have a lot of things going on in your life. Don’t you get stressed? How do you unwind from all of it?


Obviously, everyone in their respective fields feel stress but you need to get rid of it by doing your favorite thing or work.
Mine include cooking, driving to hangout places, travelling etc.

I like driving my own vehicle to the nearest pleasant place and I also dance at my home whenever I feel stressed. That’s how I unwind my stress. And also music helps a lot!


You are also one of the few people who always wears a smile on his face. Your take on this?


I prefer having a smile on my face but it may not work all the time. I believe that if you give a genuine smile to the people you meet, you just might make their day.



If you had one extra hour of free time every day, how would you use it?


With that one extra hour, I would focus on my fitness. The only thing I often want to do but priorities/work don’t allow me is fitness. One extra hour would help a lot.
( I just took a glance at my flabs now!! Reality checkss)


If you knew that in one year, you would suddenly die, would you change anything about the way you are now living?


I’ll stop my regular routine and start exploring the world by travelling to as many places as I can and interact with people, learn from them and their personalities.

And I also have a bucket list of people whom I want to visit.


Do you have any quotes which you keep going back to for motivation?


I don’t have any specific quotes for motivation but I often watch or listen people whom I admire.
I usually love quotes regarding one’s personality, mainly quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and etc.



Nice talking to you Chaitu. Any closing words or advice for the audience?


Thank You Gautham nice talking to you too. I’m not old enough to give advice to the audience but everyone should Believe in themselves and try to find their passion “


That’s all for now folks. You can connect with Chaitanya on Facebook. He’s more than welcome to respond to genuine queries. 
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Thank You!!


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