My Impossible List

Skip to the bottom if you want to the WHAT, WHY & HOW of the IMPOSSIBLE LIST!!


But before that, you can scroll down through my *incomplete* “IMPOSSIBLE LIST”







Financial Independence

  • Earn money outside of Income 
  • Increase money earned by at least 50% each month


  • At least 2 Blogposts a week from March 2018
  • 1 Subscriber for Blog 😛
    10 Subscribers for Blog 
    25 Subscribers for Blog
  • 500 views in a month
    1000 views in a month



  • Post at least 2 Videos in March 2018




Fitness Goals

  • Do a Handstand
  • Do a Wall Flip
  • Do a Back Flip
  • Develop 2 pack abs

Sport/Endurance Goals

  • Jog to college which is 40 kms away. Kind of a Full Marathon ( Before April 2018)
  • Complete a 10K Run (PB 58min)
    •  Improve Personal Best to under 45 Mins
  • Complete a Half Marathon (PB 2 hr 25 min)
    • Complete Half Marathon under 2 hours
  • Complete a Full Marathon
  • Become a Randonnuer
  • Become a Super Randonnuer(SR)
  • Complete a Double SR
  • Complete PBP
  • Complete LEL
  • Complete Spartan Race
  • Complete 1/2 IRON MAN
  • Complete FULL IRON MAN
  • Play a 90 minute Football Match
  • Make a clean dive




Habit Goals

  • Meditate daily for 20 minutes
  • Maintain Daily Morning and Evening Journal
  • Daily 30 minute workout

Creative Goals

  • Early Morning Writing. At least 25 mins for 30 days
  • Take part in a Drama
  • Take part in a Dance performance
    • Take part in a Dance performance which is not in a Sangeeth
  • At least one Theatre/Play performance
  • Solve 3×3 under one minute
  • Publish a Book (Before July 2018)
  • Learn to play Mouth Organ
  • Give a stand up comedy performance

Random Goals

  • Give a speech in a filled auditorium
  • Memorize If poem
  • Learn to cook the basic everyday meals

Family and Relationships

  • One family trip every six months
  • Adopt a child. (Inspired by my friend Swathi Peddi)

Travel Goals

  • Go on a road trip with my School friends

Places to Attend

  • SpaceX Headquarters
  • Venice

Events to Attend

Fun or Insane

  • Climb a building
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Sky Diving
  • Off Road Trail Biking
  • Deep Sea Water Diving

Book Reading List

Movie Watch List



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The What

So, you must have got a rough idea about what an Impossible List is about. A thought,  that it’s a effing bucket list or just another name for that.

Kind of! But not completely.

In the month of February, I was consuming content from College Info Geek and I came across this wonderful piece about the Impossible List. That was an inspiration for me to create mine.
Quoting Thomas Frank himself, the man behind College Info Geek- an Impossible List is  “put simply, the impossible list is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, help others as well as yourself, and implore you to take action. This is mine, which is, of course, ever-evolving.”

I pretty much implemented the same format as Thomas’ for my list but the only change was that I divided my Goals into three sections – Work, Workout and Personal, a format inspired from Noah Kagan’s.

To summarize,

  • An Impossible List is a collection of your Goals which you want to be accomplished in your life time. It’s not a bucket list which you do when you get some time away. An Impossible List reflects how you should be using your daily time.
  • You can divide into sections and sub sections for more definite structure but nevertheless you can invent your own format.
  • In an Impossible List, the goals keep evolving. Once you complete a goal, you cross it off and then set forth a new goal.
    Ex: After completing my Half Marathon, my new goal looks like this.

    • Complete a Half Marathon (PB 2 hr 25 min
            * Complete Half Marathon under 2 hoursEnjoy your victory but get back in your race buddy. Race against time. Just kidding! No pressure


The Why

So, why to make an Impossible List.
I have three strong reasons as to why I prepared mine.

  • You’ll have a Vision:We have a tendency to drift through life when we don’t have a proper system or structure. When you make an Impossible List or rather do any goal setting excercise,1) You get a clarity. You set forth some goals and to achieve them you have to put in daily effort. Small gains daily get you there. It’s not a one day-get all scenario. You got to build up the momentum.

    Ex: I can’t complete a full marathon on a whiff. There needs to be a daily preparation, weekly goals to be met and give my best when the opportunity presents itself ( or better, I make the opportunity).

    2) Whenever an opportunity comes, you won’t fail to recognize it. or Maybe the Law of Attraction might work for you.

    Ex: When you plan on doing a trek to himalayas, you start noticing price drops in airlines, or discounts on the trek gear. These things used to happen but you start noticing now.

    And when you make your Impossible List public or share it with a couple of your friends, these two things happen.


  • You’ll be Accountable:You’ll have that positive pressure on you, now that you made a commitment which isn’t private. You can request your friends to give that kick in the butt whenever you slack.
    Ex: Maybe make a pact with your best friends that if you don’t complete (this), (this ) and (this) in (this)  time frame, you owe him a treat. He’s gonna watch you now!


  • You can Collaborate:After you make your list public, a couple of interested friends or individuals might help you in your pursuit.
    Ex: They might call and drop by with some popcorn whenever you want to watch the movies on your Watch List, or help you by lending some books or maybe guide you with their experience in things which you are still a beginner. You never know.


The How

  • Make a ListFirst things first, just make a list.
    Take a 10-15 minute break, write a couple of things down which you always wanted to do. Visit some lists and borrow stuff that resonates with you. No restrictions. Just keep writing. Need not be a one time thing. Add stuff whenever something strikes you.  Make a List in either Evernote or Google Docs. Share it with your close friends or you can make it public on your Social profiles.
  • Revisit It ( and maybe update *winks* )

    Sometimes you forget you made a list. So, make it a point to revisit the list at least once a week (Bare minimum). Add things. Remove things.

and lastly,

  • Put some effort so as to reach the point of striking out things in your list.


Ending with a quote-

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” – Robert Heinlein


It’s been 2 months since the start of a New Year. If those two months drifted away just like that, let not the other 10 drift the same. Do a goal setting exercise and make a list. And better yet, leave a link in the comments below so that we all can keep each other accountable.

And hey, do follow my blog, and help me cross one of the items on my list.

Gracias!!! Have a great year ahead


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