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Apr 26
     Road to Paris: Registration, Preparation, Visa and Bankruptcy

Feb 23     Race Report: Club Run 2020



Jan 24          Road to Paris: Initial Thoughts




Sep 10    Badminton, Barbecue, Burgers and more

Sep 4      Post Run Recovery, Baby Steps in Career, MOC 2018 Finals and more

Jul 19      Lost But Won ft. Devayani Reddi

Jul 18      How to Win Master Orator Championship (or come pretty close)

Jun 10     Meetups, Proteins and more…

May 28    Trip to Arunachalam, Intro to Cryptography and more

Apr 8       Blog Cast with Gautam Pothineni

Apr 8       Gautham meets Gautam a.k.a Pondiman ft Marathon Training + Blogcast Intro

Feb 18      My Impossible List

Jan 15       Lessons from a Super Randonneur

Jan 1         21 Life Lessons at 21




Oct 23      TakeAways from Raja The Great

Sep 30      Blog Cast with Mohammed Furqan

Aug 17     Master Orator Championship 2017 Finals

Aug 2       Define or Defy @ MOC-2017

Jul 16       Best Of The Week#2

July 10    Blog_Cast with Swathi Peddi

Jun 25      BEST OF THE WEEK#1

Jun 20      5 Bullets

Jun 20      Small Apps. Big Difference

Jun 18      An Evening at the Wall Ride Park

Jun 17      Prompts

Jun 16        Cycling Tips

Jun 15        Take Your Time

Jun 14        15 Day Daily Blogging Challenge

Jun 14        Back to Fiction

May 13     The Art of Journaling

May 13     Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

May 3        Exercises worth trying!!!

May 3        Parkinson’s Law

Apr 18      Quotes I Try To Live By

Apr 16     Best Ice Breaking Activity




Dec 3         5 Simple Steps to Get Quality Sleep