21 Life Lessons at 21

2017 was a blast. Most eventful, most memorable and most intense. Starting with my Cycling journey, followed by my first solo trip, first time anchoring, first Brevet, first internship and ending the first 6 months with a 2nd place at a public speaking competition. The second half of the year was slightly less eventful but … More 21 Life Lessons at 21

5 Bullets

Book I’m ReadingHooked by Nir Eyal. Do you know why you are so addicted to whatsapp or youtube or facebook or pinterest and all the well-known apps? Because these apps have the ability to form a habit with you unconsciously. Nir Eyal takes you through the four steps of how to form habit forming products … More 5 Bullets


This is an exercise I would like you to try at least for a week. Only two simple steps. Step 1: Every morning take a neat A4 sheet paper. Fold it and put it in your pocket. Also carry a pen/pencil with you. Step 2: Whenever a thought worth noting comes across your mind, take … More Prompts

Cycling Tips

Cycling so far has given me a bucket load of memories which I will cherish forever. Besides being a very sociable activity, it is considered by many as a full body workout. Calorie burner I mean. Cycling has also many other benefits.  I’ll put down all that I’ve learned so far in the 6 months … More Cycling Tips

Take Your Time

One of my favourite writers on Quora, Nicolas Cole once wrote in an answer “You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Don’t Worry. “. And he’s absolutely right. Let me give you a couple of excerpts from my life. ** This was back in Dec’15 and I was at a family get together. … More Take Your Time